Banh mi listed in top 24 sandwiches worldwide

Banh mi listed in top 24 sandwiches worldwide

A fully stuffed banh mi in Saigon. Photo by VnExpress/Tam Linh

CNN has revealed its top 24 sandwiches in the world in 2023, with banh mi as Vietnam’s representative.

The list was released on April 20 to guide travelers on what sandwich to try on their next trip.

Banh mi (Vietnamese baguettes) can be easily found at street vendors and food carts everywhere. This is not only a popular breakfast/lunch/dinner to Vietnamese people, but also well-known and beloved by many foreign visitors.

Banh mi usually consists of pate, pork rolls, pickled carrot shreds, pickled daikon, cilantro leaves, and mayonnaise.

Depending on the region, travelers can taste different kinds of banhmi with various fillings. “The taste is crunchy, fresh, savory and utterly delicious,” CNN said.

The criteria for this list are being a famous sandwich that represents a country, having a delicious taste and being loved by locals.

Besides banh mi, three other Asian representatives were Shawarma and Falafel pita sandwiches (Middle East) and Katsu sando (Japanese fried pork cutlet sandwich with shredded cabbage).

Some other highlights were Choripán (a grilled chorizo sausage and a crusty bread) from Argentina, lobster roll (steamed lobster meat tucked into a hot dog bun) from the United States, and Smørrebrød (bread with ham, and smoked fish) from Denmark.